A new era of Irish dress making has arrived.

Transparent Pricing. Flexible Payments.

Why Choose Stagedesigns?


The cost of our costumes are set at only £1595 for existing RNH members, and only £1695 for non RNH members for year 1. Price includes headpiece, kick pants and diamonds.

Fully Stoned

All of our dresses are World-Class costumes. That is why each one comes fully stoned with over 800 Swarovski crystals included.

Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden costs or 'extra' fees to pay on completion. All of our dresses are priced at the same rate upfront, and inclusive of diamonds.

Flexible Payments

We recognise how expensive our sport can be. That is why we offer monthly payment plans for all of our customers. The earlier you order, the lower your monthly payments will be.

Our Story.

Along with providing world-class training, we wanted to develop a way that would capture all of the hard work that has been completed, and display this in the dancers performance how it has never been shown before. 

Our dresses are about instilling that with the right work and mindset, it's possible to achieve almost anything.

We are committed to providing world class training so that every dancer has the chance to perform at their best. And now, we are extending that commitment so they can look their best too. 

Welcome to RNH Stagedesigns

Our Materials.

We only use the finest plush velvets, duchess silks and jewel colour fabrics to create your bespoke dress embellished with crystals from world renowned Swarvoski.

Each dress is a work of art and named individually to reflect the creativity and inspirations in each design.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is the cost of a stagedesigns dress?

The cost of our costumes is set at only £1595 for existing RNH members and only £1695 for non RNH members.

2. Why can I not choose how many diamonds I want?

In the past, adding more diamonds increased the final cost of the dress. As we believe in providing a more transparent service, we are committed to offering only fully stoned dresses included in one set price. All of our dresses come with a minimum of 700 Swarovski diamonds.

3. Do you offer monthly payments?

Yes! We recognise that purchasing a dress is an expensive process, and so we offer monthly installment plans for all of our customers. Our support team will be in touch post deposit to arrange this with you.

4. Do you offer male waistcoats?

Unfortunately, this is not something we currently offer but are aiming to extend our service to cover all areas in 2021!